Pro-Stride APS

Pro-Stride APS (Autologous Protein Solution) is by far the most clinically effective, cost efficient, non-steroidal regenerative therapy available today.  From severely degenerative joints which are no longer responding favorably to steroid and hyaluronic acid injections, to stubborn tendon and ligament injuries, the successfully treated cases keep stacking up!!!

After experiencing success following Pro-Stride therapy in their injured horse, many clients are now requesting Pro-Stride therapy instead of traditional steroidal joint injections as part of the performance maintenance for ALL their horses.  Pro-Stride is especially safe and beneficial for horses who are sensitive to steroidal medications, such as Cushing’s patients.

Pro-Stride APS is an innovative device in which the patient’s own blood is used to create a concentrated solution of cells, platelets, growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins.  This system takes less than 20 minutes of processing, is conveniently ambulatory and the therapy can be performed immediately at the same veterinary appointment!