Preventive Care

An effective preventive care program should be designed to detect and prevent problems before they occur!  Important components of an effective preventive healthcare program include vaccinations, fecal parasite and sand evaluations, dental care and Coggins testing.

The types of vaccinations administered to each patient are carefully chosen and are based on the individual horse’s immune and health status, lifestyle, occupation and environmental risks. An optimal parasite control program for each farm is designed through the use of regular fecal sample evaluations, minimizing the administration of unnecessary deworming drugs. Additionally, appropriate sand clearance products are recommended when indicated.

Corrective and performance dentistry is performed with safe and gentle motorized dental equipment. Specialized dental equipment is available for use in miniature horses. Routine screening for Equine Infectious Anemia, commonly referred to as Coggins testing, is performed with the use of digital pictures in order to accurately identify the patient.