Pre-Purchase Evaluations

The purpose of a pre-purchase examination is to evaluate a horse’s suitability for its intended use. A pre-purchase examination includes a very thorough physical examination consisting of auscultation of the heart, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract, evaluation of the integument, and an ophthalmic exam.

The physical exam is followed by an in-depth soundness evaluation including examination of the entire musculoskeletal system by combining palpation, visual assessment, observation under saddle, and flexion tests. Next, a neurological examination is performed. When indicated, additional testing including radiographs, ultrasound, endoscopy, and blood work are performed.

Following the entire evaluation of the horse, the veterinarian discusses all the findings of the prepurchase examination with the buyer, addresses any questions or concerns and a decision regarding the horse’s serviceability for its intended use is made.  An official written report detailing all findings, observations, test results and assessments is provided following the examination.