Motorized Dental Care

Proper dental care is crucial in optimizing your horse’s condition and performance.  If left unchecked, dental abnormalities may arise such as dropping of feed while chewing, nasal discharge due to sinus infections, foul-smelling breath, weight loss, facial swellings, head tossing, quidding (dropping food while chewing), decreased performance, excess salivation, undigested food particles in the manure, fighting the bit or resisting the bridle, tongue lolling and bit chewing to name a few.

Because horse’s teeth continually erupt throughout their lives, regular dental care is very important to ensure that the proper wear patterns of the teeth are maintained.  Since the maxilla (upper jaw) is wider than the mandible (lower jaw), sharp points develop on the outside of the top row of teeth and the inside of the bottom row of teeth. These sharp points can prevent the horse from chewing in a normal manner (i.e. side to side).  These sharp points can also cause painful ulcerations where they contact the tongue and the cheeks.  Routine dental maintenance helps to prevent minor abnormalities from becoming serious problems!

Depending on the age of your horse and oral exam findings, a dental procedure may be recommended once to twice a year.  For a thorough and safe dental procedure to be performed the horse is sedated and a speculum is placed in the mouth.  With cordless motorized dental equipment, each tooth can be addressed gently, efficiently and accurately.