Microchipping your horse is a quick and easy process that provides a permanent identification that cannot be separated from your horse or altered in any way.  Microchips are electronic devices the size of a small grain of rice which are easily implanted into the horse’s nuchal ligament.  Each microchip contains a unique number which will be linked to one individual horse.  A handheld scanner reads the microchip number in seconds.

Each microchip number, through the microchip’s registry service, provides information such as the horse’s name, age, breed, show record and ownership information.  This information is critical when attempting to identify lost horses after natural disasters, aids in recovery of stolen horses at sales or auctions, provides traceability in the event of a disease outbreak, and ensures the accurate identification of horseshow participants.

Many horse show organizations and breed registries require that a horse be microchipped in order to ensure their correct identification.  Microchips are safe, are not deactivated by magnets, do not cause cancer, do not migrate when implanted properly and last for 25 years.  The Infinity ambulatory vehicle carries ISO compliant microchips (accepted by the USEF) and a universal microchip scanner (able to read all microchip numbers).