Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture is an ancient form of therapy that may be used not only as a treatment for illness and lameness, but is greatly beneficial as a wellness tool too!  It can be used as the sole therapy or, very commonly, is combined with other traditional Western forms of therapy to treat a myriad of issues such as (but not limited to) performance horse issues (i.e. lameness and sore backs), eye issues (i.e. uveitis and non-healing corneal ulcers), and respiratory issues (i.e. laryngeal hemiplegia (“roaring”) and heaves).

Acupuncture may also be combined with your horse’s preventive care program to provide a well-rounded approach to wellness.  Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points in the horse’s body, traditionally with needles, resulting in the release of beneficial hormones and neurotransmitters. Most acupuncture points are found on pathways called meridians, which are the energy flow systems of the body.

Qi, the body’s natural energy, moves from one acupuncture point to the next via these meridians. The flow of Qi may also be facilitated through the use of oral or topical Chinese herbs. Disease or illness occurs when Qi is unable to flow freely along the meridians. The goal of acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy is to free stagnation in the meridians and allow Qi to flow properly. With a free flow of Qi, the body is in balance. The result is a properly functioning endocrine and immune system which is able to regulate itself and assist with the natural physiologic actions of the body.