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Cold Weather Considerations for Your Horse

Shelter Most horses are happier and healthier when allowed outdoors with a shelter option Horses tolerate temperatures down to near -40° Fahrenheit in the absence of wind or moisture! Closed and heated barns are often inadequately ventilated, contributing to respiratory conditions or other illness…leave a door or window open to allow adequate ventilation Condensation on […]

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For owners, riders, and veterinarians alike, colic has a major impact on the equine industry. A 2005 scientific paper reported that colic is responsible for more deaths in horses that any disease group except for old age. In the equine population, horse mortality from all types of colic was 0.7 deaths per 100 horse-years with […]

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Anhidrosis – A Hidden Danger

Jessica should definitely be concerned, as it sounds as if her horse may be affected by anhidrosis.  Anhidrosis is defined as a complete or decreased ability to sweat in response to increased body temperature.  This condition can affect any horse, although it seems to be more common in hot, humid climates.  It can come on […]

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