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Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright at Infinity Equine PLLC brings extensive experience in performance and preventive care directly to her patients.  Dr. Wright employs both traditional and integrative approaches while using the latest medical technology and most sophisticated treatments.


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  • Lameness and Performance Evaluations
  • Digital Radiography
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Pro-Stride APS
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Preventive Care

Dr. Wright brings 20 years of experience to the performance horse arena.  Her knowledge and expertise in lameness diagnostics, combined with the cutting edge equipment and therapies on her ambulatory vehicle, such as digital radiography, digital ultrasound, Pro-Stride, shockwave, super pulsed laser and video endoscopy, lends to the efficient and successful resolution of lameness and other performance horse issues.

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In equine veterinary medicine, radiographs are most often used during lameness evaluations, although structures such as the sinuses and teeth are also easily visualized!  Radiography is the process of evaluating the body with x-rays.  The radiographic images allow the veterinarian to visualize boney structures in the target area, providing information that facilitates reaching a diagnosis.

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Animal chiropractics is a therapy that focuses on establishing and maintaining the balance of the spine and neurological systems.  Similar to acupuncture, chiropractic care may be used not only as a treatment for illness and lameness, but is greatly beneficial as a wellness tool too!

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Pro-Stride APS (Autologous Protein Solution) is by far the most clinically effective, cost efficient, non-steroidal regenerative therapy available today.  From severely degenerative joints which are no longer responding favorably to steroid and hyaluronic acid injections, to stubborn tendon and ligament injuries, the successfully treated cases keep stacking up!!!

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Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is used to facilitate the healing of soft tissue and bone injuries and to manage chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Some examples of uses for ESWT include suspensory ligament desmitis, tendonitis, stable stress fractures and splint bone fractures, navicular disease, hock arthritis, sacroiliac strains, back soreness, and ringbone.  ESWT is particularly useful when combined with Pro-Stride APS therapy!

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An effective preventive care program should be designed to detect and prevent problems before they occur!  Important components of an effective preventive healthcare program include vaccinations, fecal parasite and sand evaluations, dental care and Coggins testing.

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What our clients say

Dr. Jennifer has been our vet for at least 14 years now. She is considered family around here! Her attention to detail and wanting to dig down to the true issue makes her in my mind above all the rest. She keeps my team of horses going down the road year after year and performing at their top the whole time. You can’t go wrong calling her out to your farm, I promise.

Holly Longest

Dr. Wright has always taken care of my horses but she was there when I needed her the most when my pony Blossom colicked badly. Dr. Wright came out and tubed her three times and just wouldn’t give up on her. I feel like Dr. Wright goes above and beyond for the horses and her clients, and I have never had a veterinarian that I have felt so attached to and that I know would do anything for my babies. Dr. Wright will now and forever be my veterinarian.

Kristen Steele

Dr. Jennifer has been a true blessing to my horses and myself! After multiple misdiagnoses from previous vets, Dr. Jennifer was the only one to accurately diagnose my horse. Since then she is the only vet I will use! Most recently, my horse Pimp was tragically diagnosed with EPM. After 16 long months of treatment and strict rehab instructions we finally got the green light to compete again and he has since been going strong! My horses and I wouldn’t be where we are today if wasn’t for Dr. Jennifer!

Brittany Ryan

Dr. Jennifer is the best! She is very knowledgeable, caring and professional. She is always reachable and gets back to you quickly. She takes time to research an issue and stays up to date on all the newest innovations in Equine medicine. Everyone I know that uses her as a vet loves her!

Ashley Hudson

We met Dr. Wright approximately 15 years ago when we got our very first horse, Brooke. Brooke had a terrible case of white line disease that required vet and farrier to work together to fix those hoofs. Dr. Wright was the kindest and most thorough vet we’ve had. Always looking out for our equine partners and her clients. Over the course of the years we’ve had several other horses and she was always there to meet our needs. Her integrity and professionalism is surpassed by none. She is highly recommended to be your equine vet!!!

Linda Lapolla

Dr. Wright has been there for Splash and me since Splash was born nearly 20 years ago. I’m so grateful to have found her. Splash hasn’t been simple and through it all, Dr. Wright was there for us and was as worried about her as I was. It’s been a pleasure to be a client and a friend over these past two decades.

Paulette McElwain

Dr. Wright, I remember the first time we had you out for our Baby Doll, you greeting me with a huge smile and hug. You are the utmost best veterinarian we could have asked for. Baby Doll had the best care any pony could ask for, she was so loved. Thank you for being there.

Karen Cassell

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